Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A good (maybe), free SRS smartphone app

In trying to find ways to incorporate smartphones into the classroom, I have been experimenting a great deal with spaced-repetition system (SRS) flashcard apps.  Since I am a heavy user of the Anki program/app and know it well, it has been the main focus of my classroom efforts for the last two years.

However, due to the cost, I cannot require my students to buy the Anki app.  Instead, the students have been using the Anki website to create and study cards.  It is not an ideal solution but a functional one.

Recently, I have been looking for alternatives to Anki.  Unfortunately, many of the free apps leave something to be desired.

However, just the other day, on an excellent website called Flashcard apps for for iPhone & iPad, I discovered a distinct possibility called Flashcard Elite.

I have only downloaded it today and am trying a JLPT N2 (Japanese level 2) deck.  So far it looks pretty good!  I'll report more later after I've used it some more...


  1. Nice find of the flashcardapp review site!
    I have made an iphone app called 'Lex Flashcard Game for Quizlet' which you might like to try. I found that flashcard practice was just too dry, so designed an app with various game design aspects to be more engaging. You can try them out at www.lexwordgameapp.com
    The app review site didn't mention games included in apps, so I suspect it is not common.
    (btw for kanji you can see several games at www.kanjigames.com)

    1. Dear Oliver,

      Thanks for the comment. I just downloaded the Lex game app and will check it out.

      I believe we met at the Tokyo JALT conference in 2011? I attend a presentation you gave. I also bought the Kanji Search app after I met. I quite liked it. In fact, I just recommended it to a new arrival.

      However, when I went to download it to my new iPod touch, it seems that the name has changed? Was there an update I missed? Do I need to buy the app again?


      Rich Bailey
      Asia University, Tokyo

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