Sunday, December 8, 2013

Technology workshop and presentation

On December 1st, I attended the CUE Technology Workshop at Keisen University in western Tokyo and was also able to give a short presentation about my past and current efforts to incorporate mobile technology into my teaching and into my students' lives outside of the classroom.

At the workshop, I attended some excellent sessions and learned what other teachers are doing.  I was particularly impressed by Mark Firth's presentation about students using smartphones to make videos as a learning activity.  He had some very good advice and pointers.  Dan Ferreira's presentation on digitally streamlining the essay correction process was excellent.

I will post again when the power point presentations are available on the website.


  1. Hi there! I see this last post is a little old, but I'm really interested in this topic! I'm using smartphones in my EAL classes, and it would be great to have a little guidance as I go along. I've had them send me their emails, so I can send them instructions on how to sign up for Quizlet, Ankidroid and Flashcard Elite. I'll let you know how it goes. Boy are multiple platforms frustrating! I also have a number of students using Nokia you had any suggestions for them? And how do you manage decks for FE and Anki? Do you have to create them separately? So many questions!! Hopefully they get you posting again! Thanks for all the work you've already done.

    1. If you want to communicate more, please join us at my new Mobile Assisted Language Learning (MALL) Facebook group:

  2. Dear Madelyn,

    Thanks for the comment. Yeah, I need to get back to writing more! I just finished my fifth year at Asia University in Tokyo and am in the process of moving to Kanagawa to start at a new university job, so it has been super busy... I hope to try some new things with my new classes.

    Have you read this post about SRS vs Non- SRS?:

    It might help you decide which direction to take. As I mentioned, SRS is really only appropriate for serious, dedicated students. I found it was not a good match for the majority of my students. That is why I switched mostly to Quizlet, plus it is free and works with most systems. I don't know about Nokia phones - do they use the Android operating system?

    When I was using Anki, I had the students make their own cards so they could become independent users. However, that does take a lot of work and class time.
    Quizlet is much easier to use and create cards, especially from a spreadsheet.

    Please feel free to ask more questions. We could also arrange a Skype call if you want to talk face to face.

    Finally, I don't know if you saw my original blog, Teaching with Anki (, where I first started writing about efforts to incorporate smart phones into my teaching.